Contacare Eye Hospital
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Dombivli, Maharashtra
Job Summary

  • Patient Management
  • Patient to be greeted & welcomed and comfortably seated giving special care for physically and mentally challenged.
  • Self introduction and the brief note about the purpose of visit to the Optometrist room to be given
  • Processes patient’s information through the computer system and helps maintain the operation of the reception records and examination room area.
  • Retrieves patient records from other clinics to ensure complete information on file before appointment date.
  • Manages continuous patient flow by effectively communicating with team members and providers.
  • Resource Management:
  • Conducts inventory of supplies at the stock examination rooms. Verifies and maintains stock level and recommends disposal for all expired supply items.
  • Disinfects and wipes down all equipment and instruments.
  • Ensure that the Vision charts are clean and are adequately illuminated and in working Condition
  • Ensure that the trial frames are properly aligned and all screws tight.
  • Ensure that the trial set and the Optometrist work place is clean and in order
  • Ensure that the Retinoscope light is bright and its batteries full charged/ replaced on time
  • Use an occluder while assessing visual acuity
  • Use Lensometer for obtaining previous glass power.
  • Always wipe trial lenses before insertion in trial frame
  • Always replace the trial lens in its respective slot IMMEDIATELY after removing it from the trial frame during objective/subjective refraction.
  • Always use sterile canula for syringing
  • Sterilize tip of Tonometer/ Pachymeter probe/ A-Scan probe/ B-Scan probe each time before use.
  • Ensure that the Torch light is bright and its batteries full charged/ replaced on time

Clinical Management
Pre-testing – Auto refraction, Lensometry to inspect, validate & record the existing prescription, Non Contact Tonometry. Preliminary work up including structured, efficient, accurate history from patients with or without any ophthalmic and / or systemic problems and needs. This also includes family history where relevant

Testing – Measure & record Unaided visual acuity and / or visual acuity with PGP, do a subjective & objective refraction that should include – Retinoscopy, Pre-dilated Refraction, Post Dilated refraction & final acceptance where necessary. Detect and measure the spherical, astigmatic and presbyopic corrections. Rational use of refining tests such as Duochrome, Worth 4 dot assessment, JCC & fogging techniques.

Diagnostic testing/work ups – Perimetry, A Scan, Pachymetry, Sac syringing and IOL Master where necessary (as deemed by the ophthalmologist). Dry Eye work up (Schirmer’s test & pachymetry), Lasik work up (that includes final refractive acceptance, Keratometry, Topography, Colour Vision, Schirmer’s test, tonometry, Axial length measurement and Lasik treatment planning assistance) Cataract work up that includes a combination of the above tests. It is the onus of the optometrist to record relevant information, results for the above examination procedures.

Review follow up visits, re-assessment of the unaided vision, improvement on pin hole and best corrected visual acuity along final final refractive statuswhen deemed ideal by the ophthalmologist wherever necessary

FFA is not to be done by the optometrist in the absence of an ophthalmologist. The optometrist is only to assist the doctor in the procedure.

Contact lenses – Assess the suitability of contact lenses as a form of correction for the patient. Considers factors including lifestyle, vocational needs, vision, refraction, comfort, duration of wear, environment in determining suitability for contact lens wear. Makes appropriate choice of soft lens brand and parameters – Back vertex power, base curve, total Diameter, material, design

Should select, fit, order and dispense the most appropriate soft contact lens based on patient’s refraction, visual requirements and pre-fitting evaluation. Demonstrates understanding of the range of soft lens materials and designs currently available

Should instruct the patient in soft lens handling and how to wear and maintain them. Instruct the patient in the techniques of soft lens insertion, removal and other relevant handling instructions . Instructs a patient on the principles of soft lens wear and care including use of soft lens care products, Dos and Don’ts, aftercare

Patient Counseling – Counsel the patients appropriately for Progressive lenses, highlighting the numerous benefits of seamless vision, about the disadvantages of using spectacles with scratches and coating peel off.

Identify & counsel ideal patients about the benefits of Lasik & IPCL or otherwise the benefits of using contact lenses as a secondary vision accessory. Counsel patients about the various packages (retina, glaucoma, dry eye and cornea) & the benefits of using the privilege card.

Job Type: Full-time


work: 1 year (Preferred)

Diploma (Preferred)

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