Magrabi Hospitals & Centers is located at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Job Description

  • Perform optometric examinations, testing, refraction and fitting of soft and hard contact lenses for patients with myopia, hyperopia, aphakia, astigmatism, post-surgical cases, i.e. trauma, cataract, PKP and aberrations such as keratoconus, scarring, trauma, droplet keratopathy.
  • Manage contact lens supplies, lenses, equipment and solutions.
  • Ensure compliance of subordinate staff with all hospital and departmental regulations, policies and procedures.
  • Perform low vision evaluations.
  • Perform direct supervision and involvement in the area of pediatric aphakic and rigid contact lenses.


  • Graduate from a school of Optometry or equivalent.
  • Must have two years’ experience in optometry and contact lenses.
  • Valid Saudi MOH License (or at least) having a valid classification Certificate/Card from Saudi Commission for Health Specialties
  • Must have transferable Iqama
  • Must be proficient in fitting adult and pediatric soft and hard contact lenses.
  • Good knowledge of low vision aids.

An optometrist is responsible for clinical testing, examinations and contact lens fitting of patients with certain vision problems in the area of optometry with the supervision of subordinates assigned in accordance with the departmental policies and procedures in order to provide a high standard of patient care.

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