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optoVision® is glad about the 1. place received in “market intern” performance assessment of 2016, a survey of the leading specialized press of German ophthalmic opticians, with the mark 1.51. Especially in the devised categories price politics, product quality and commercial support/marketing we could convince our partners in every aspect. According to the judgement of the opticians, optoVision is able to bring a stringent company- and sales philosophy on the market with a good combination of the product quality and a fair price-performance-relation.Investments in the German location and interesting commercial support in form of effective lens-campaigns (“It’s the lens, that makes the spectacles”) are only two records for that.


*according to the information letter of the trade ophthalmic optics/optometry of markt intern Verlag GmbH. Issue No. 30/16, ISSN 14 31-3391, overall victory optoVision benchmarking ophthalmic lenses 2016, Grade 1,51 (correlates with the evaluation “very good”). www.optik.markt-intern.de


Single Vision Lens

See the world with new lenses
Do you need reading glasses? Are you short or long-sighted? Do you need to correct an astigmatism? Then optoVision® single-vision glasses will help you to see the world clearly again and with relaxed eyes. Single-vision lenses have one prescription strength over the whole lens. However, since your eyes, your daily life and also your glasses requirements are just as individual as you are, optoVision® single-vision glasses – whether they are made from synthetic material or mineral glass – are the ideal lenses for high prescriptions.


A tailored suit for your eyes
Here everything ‘fits’. Orgalit® Premium synthetic lenses are tailor-made to fit your eyes at every single point of the glasses, thanks to cutting-edge free-form production technology. Even the frames chosen are incorporated into the lens design: how far is the distance between your eye and the lens? And how curved are the frames and thus the lenses? With Orgalit® Premium you can be certain that you will have better spatial vision, which is razor-sharp right up to the edges and just as natural as without glasses. Nor do Premium lenses make any sacrifices from an aesthetic perspective – even for high prescriptions.


Treat your eyes to a spa break – every day
Do your eyes feel tired at night? Even though you have well-fitted glasses? Then our Orgalit® Wellness lenses will be a good choice – lenses that act like a massage for your eyes. Pure relaxation. Constantly looking at PC monitors, smartphones and tablets is enormously strenuous for our eyes, just as it would be if you were to use exactly the same muscle for hours and hours. Since eye lenses lose their elasticity with age, it becomes more and more difficult for the eye muscle to adjust permanently to proximity. Orgalit® Wellness lenses support your eyes in the lower lens area with a special cut that makes it easier to see close up. They are so finely tuned that no disruptive transition can be noticed. And so effective that your eyes are still relaxed at night. Just like after a day at a spa.


The right lens for your exact needs
It does not matter which optoVision® single-vision glasses you choose, whether you opt for Premium lenses in free-form quality, Wellness lenses or traditionally made lenses as an inexpensive starting point: optoVision® offers you one of the most extensive glasses ranges of all glasses manufacturers, in order to optimise your lenses according to your requirements. Anti-glare, self-tinting, extra thin and light, protected by a hard coating or aspherically cut. Because an aspheric cut ensures that you also have razor-sharp vision in the peripheral areas, your eyes also have a wonderfully natural look, neither bigger when long-sighted nor smaller when short-sighted. Speak to your ophthalmic optician, who will find the ideal lens for your eyes.


Free-form quality or conventional lenses? Which lenses will be right for me?
The quality that you choose will depend on your eyes and your own personal needs. Even though each eye is individual, they are also similar in many respects. For most people, the pupillary distance (the distance between the bridge of the nose and the middle of the pupil) is about 32 mm. There are also other measurements that are the same for many glasses wearers – yet not for all. If your measurements are not standard and you value glasses that offer maximum vision whilst taking into account your individual wearing conditions, then Premium is your first choice. Your optician will find out which lenses are best suited to you during an individual consultation.

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