What is Crizal Forte UV lens?


Taking UV protection to a new level.

We all know UV can damage our skin. But what about our eyes? UV can seriously damage your vision.

Normal UV Protection helps shield your eyes from rays that pass through the front of your glasses. Crizal Forte goes further, protecting your eyes from UV light reflected off the back surface of your lenses too.


Crizal Forte UV give your eyes the best available protection, on a clear lens, against damaging UV light.

Essilor’s exclusive anti-reflective technology is applied to both sides of the lens so that it also blocks reflected UV rays, which can account for up to 50% of exposure.

How do you identify a Crizal Forte UV lens?

There is a “Fog ID” on every Crizal lens, which means when you blow on the lens, Crizal UV or Crizal FUV will appear in the centre and will disappear as the fog dissipates. To see if your lens is original Crizal, there should be Fog ID on it and it should be accompanied with an authenticity card + cleaning cloth.

Are Crizal lenses scratch proof?

No, Crizal coatings provide a clearer “picture” because they are more transparent than standard lenses. But the perfect transparency of Crizal coatings can make smudges appear more visible. … Crizal offers scratch-resistance and smudge resistance.

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